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Everyone needs someone or something to advise and support them as they walk through life. However, sometimes the thing you need the most is what you don’t have. Life in ministry can be lonely, frustrating, and discouraging at times. We’ve all been there. That isn’t how God wants us to live though—left hurt and confused. So, we want to equip you with resources that will help you move beyond where you are now. Don’t stay stuck in the same spot just treading water trying to stay afloat.

Instead, take the resources that Randy has developed and used in his own church and community to change your perspective and future. In The Relational Leader Podcast, Randy encourages us to take off our masks of perfection and be open and vulnerable with each other. Only by doing this can we become the leaders and people that God designed us to be.

The Relational Leader Podcast

Bayside Community Church

How to Lead Through a Crisis

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